Kaplan DeVries, Consultants to Top Management Since 1992

Boards, CEOs and HR executives look to us for best-in-class assessment to inform high-stakes staffing decisions and to make leaders more effective. Veterans of the executive suite, we expertly tailor our solutions to the need, using cutting-edge techniques and applying seasoned judgment. When the stakes are high, the situation tense, and the problem is complex and thorny, we get to the bottom of it and pull out all the stops to fix it.

We Make Leaders Better.

Both individual leaders and management teams. From director level to board level. We design to suit. Our speciality: forcing tough issues constructively.

We Evaluate Top Talent.

Based on rigorously analyzed data from coworkers and customers, not just from the candidate. The result: a nuanced integrated profile.

Demonstrated impact

“The power of what Kaplan DeVries does is their depth of knowledge, the research precision, the preponderance of evidence, and the strong viewpoint on the executive and the fit with the job to be done.  Their reports are the gold standard.”
Sandy Ogg, Blackstone
“…they have helped me and other key people in our organization become better leaders. Their work gets to the core of the key strengths of each individual as well as what’s getting in their way of achieving greater success. They do so with a focus on hard data and broad-based feedback; an atmosphere that’s safe, comfortable, and supportive; and a perspective deep in insight informed by years of research and experience.”
Randy Battat, President and CEO, Airvana
“The research at Kaplan DeVries stands out in many ways; it is simultaneously creative, rigorous and utterly practical. It is some of the best work on leadership in recent memory.”
Robert Hogan, Ph.D., President, Hogan Assessment Systems
“I felt guided—not directed. I felt coached—not trained. I felt motivated—not forced. And I can feel the difference in my professional and private life—I am a better leader now!”
J. Peter Hegemann, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing Carrier EMEA., Corning Cable Systems
“Their work is very eye-opening. It’s unlike any other process I’ve seen."
Gary Rodkin, CEO, ConAgra
“The people at Kaplan DeVries Inc. are consummate professionals. I really enjoy working with them. Not only do we get extraordinary things done, we have fun along the way. If you are looking for someone who will partner with you to find the solution you are looking for, you’ve found them.”
Brian Dowd, Director of Employee Development, Granite Construction Incorporated
I have worked with Bob Kaplan and the Kaplan Devries team for many years. They provide a nice balance of data-driven analysis and personal observation and coaching that is very effective.
Jim Ryan , Chairman, President and CEO, Grainger

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